162 Podcast: The Big League Pod

with Adam Vazquez & Tony Miller

About The Show

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Podcast Episodes

08: Yankees Revenge Series with Astros and Fixing the NL East with “The King” Drew Balis

On this episode, Adam is joined by 2x Guest Drew Balis. Drew was at Yankee Stadium for the revenge series opener with the Astros. We discuss that, fixing the NL East, and more!

  • 5:50  The history behind the Yankees/Astros hatred
  • 12:00 What it was like inside Yankee stadium
  • 19:30 What is wrong with the NL East?
  • 28:00 3 Strikes & We’re Out

Drew is the best and it’s always a blast having him on. Follow him on Twitter!

07: Picking AL Teams and Minor League Baseball is BACK with Greenville Drive GM Eric Jarinko

On this episode, Tony and Adam pick AL Teams to support, discuss the horrendous MLB replay rules, and are joined by Greenville Drive GM Eric Jarinko to discuss the upcoming season (opening day tomorrow!) 

  • 2:30 Picking AL Teams to Support 
  • 5:50  Why are the umpires so terrible this year? 
  • 10:10 Eric Jarinko (Greenville Drive GM) on managing a club through COVID, being a part of the Red Sox organization, and what to watch for in the ’21 season
  • 31:00 3 strikes and we’re out 

HUGE thanks to Eric for joining the show. Follow him on Twitter & go get your Drive tickets on sale NOW

06: A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics with Anthony Castrovince from the MLB Network

On this episode, Tony and Adam discuss the Dodgers/Padres, Some :fire: pitching matchups, and interview Author Anthony Castrovince from MLB Network about his new book, “A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics.”

  • 4:30 Pitching Gems from DeGrom, Cole, Bieber & the DBacks 
  • 8:30 Why the Padres v. Dodgers is compelling this year 
  • 11:10 Anthony Castrovince on Analytics for the culture, Early season surprises, and whether 7 game complete games should count 
  • 31:00 The NL East is terrible: a statement. 

HUGE thanks to Anthony for joining the show. Be sure to check out his book, and follow him on Twitter @Castrovince