06: A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics with Anthony Castrovince from the MLB Network

On this episode, Tony and Adam discuss the Dodgers/Padres, Some :fire: pitching matchups, and interview Author Anthony Castrovince from MLB Network about his new book, “A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics.”

  • 4:30 Pitching Gems from DeGrom, Cole, Bieber & the DBacks 
  • 8:30 Why the Padres v. Dodgers is compelling this year 
  • 11:10 Anthony Castrovince on Analytics for the culture, Early season surprises, and whether 7 game complete games should count 
  • 31:00 The NL East is terrible: a statement. 

HUGE thanks to Anthony for joining the show. Be sure to check out his book, and follow him on Twitter @Castrovince